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Quiz Senior section – 2015

The vision of our school is to serve the society by developing in students higher intellectual, cultural, ethical & humane values. A quiz is a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities and skills. If everything is under our control it means we are going too slow. Constant updating and improvement i.e. kiazen is the key word. The objective of these competitions include to create awareness among students on various  issues and make the students  well informed.

The all round development of a child has been Vincentian’s suo motto. Not only are our children imparted bookish knowledge but every endeavor from the school is provided to showcase their multiple skills. It acts as a whetstone to sharpen their skills. The confidence thus gained helps them to shine in life.

The school organized an intra class quiz event of the senior section from classes 8-12. The hall was filled with excitement and little nervousness as the participants assembled class by class in their respective seats in front of an excited audience. The school prefects took care of the discipline and the proceedings of the quiz competition.

The quiz masters were Mr Thomas D Cruz and Mr Anand Prakash.There were various rounds on General , Science,Sports,Vocabulary,English Visual and Audio to test the students potential. The winning teams from classes 8 to 12 were as follows.

Class      8B

Class      9C

Class      10A

Class      11 B

Class      12A

                       Though quiz team competitions are often viewed as the pursuit of trivial knowledge, they encourage students to achieve academic excellence and increase their awareness of the world around them.

Mr. Anand Prakash