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Newsletter August – March ( 2017-18)

Dear All,

Please find below the links to our Newsletter for the period August – March ( 2017 -18).

A lot has happened during this time. The editorial team has tried its best to capture most of the happenings. There’s a new team in place and their zeal is uncontrollable. Once again , I Congratulate Mrs. J. Sabharwal and her editorial board for their relentless and tireless effort in putting this edition of the Vincentian Newsletter – “Spotted and Reported”  together.  I thank all the teachers and students for their contribution too.

The Newsletter is in two parts: the links are –


SVTSNewsletter-aug-mar-2018 PART 1

SVTSNewsletter-aug-mar-2018 PART 2


Happy reading .



Mr. Ravi Victor