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Newsletter – April – July 2017

Dear Staff , Students, Parents, Alumni,Friends and Well-wishers  ,

We have just started with our Mid- Term examinations. There is a strange silence around the campus while the students answer their papers.  I look outside the window from the office and wonder, ” did so many things happen during the last few months?”

School is an epitome of  life , creation, seasons – and just like them , we go through a series of metamorphoses , one phase to another , we wan and wax , we move up and down , we exalt and we reflect.

A lot has happened  since the last issue was published. We have exalted when we won tournaments and achieved excellent results and were in  melancholy  when some of our members left us. We bonded and got together to celebrate a host of events and we welcomed guests with compassion and joy.

I take this opportunity to  draw your attention to the articles ” Question of the month ” and “Pulse poll”. Students take part freely in expressing their belief and thoughts on a topic or  on activity . This is an exercise that lets them know that their voices  matter and is an attempt towards democracy of opinion.   We felt, it’s a good tool to measure the  vibe of the school.

The editorial team has been spreading its wings. The students of the middle school have been inducted as members of the editorial board. It gives them immense joy and a sense of responsibility as they cover different episodes of school activities. Snippets of these you will find in this issue and more so in the coming issues. I thank Mrs. J. Sabharwal for this initiative.

“THANK YOU” all the students and the teachers for contributing the articles for this issue of the Vincentian newsletter “Spotted and Reported”.

A big thank you to all the students of the editorial board and of course Mrs. J. Sabharwal for her constant effort and time in publishing  the newsletters time and again.

Happy reading!!

do send your feedback at spottedandreported@gmail.com

Thank you

Mr. Ravi Victor


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